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Copper, Cu

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The metal of love?

Gold and silver tend be the two metals most frequently associated with jewellery, particularly in jewellery used as symbols of love.  So it comes as surprise to many that the humble copper shares a periodic table group with these two metallic heavyweights. Copper (symbol Cu) and its golden and silver sisters share Group 11 of the periodic table. The word copper itself is from the Latin word cuprum, meaning "from the island of Cyprus", already conjuring up romantic dreamy images, so why has copper not had the same share of the limelight until now?

It's taken a long time to catch up but copper is finally bang on trend in jewellery and is also the dominating metal in homewares and decor too. I love its weight, its warm timelessness and the shadows it effortlessly creates. 

Copper nesting tables available at Life Story. £299 for the set. Available individually £100.

With copper being such a soft metal it must be a joy for a jeweller to work with too. Its natural hue works brilliantly with this season's earthy colours. 

I'd really love to see more use of copper in ring making. Silver and gold have long dominated the symbol of love - could we see their elemental sister copper taking her rightful place there too?

The seven heavenly bodies known to the ancients were associated with the seven known metals at the time, and it was none other than Venus the Goddess of Love who was associated with copper. Surely that's a good enough reason to give the gift of copper this Valentine's in ring form or otherwise? 

Copper bullet chain, long. £45.

Copper, brass, stone, concrete and glass - window display, January 2015.  



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