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If you're looking for something individual or in need of inspiration, take a look at some of the unique items in stock at Life Story this month.  Pictured here is a screenprint from local artist Marie Varley. Based on a vintage stamp from the USA, this print is approx 14"x10" and makes a very striking piece of wall art (£46). Also in this shot, 'mine' and 'yours' cups, the last set available at £12ea plus our adorable porcelain rabbit pendants just in from our new supplier &k in Amsterdam (£24).

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Ring Ring! New bike bells

bicycle bike crane cycle gift handmade illustration japan love shopping style valentines

Crane is the Osaka-based company that's behind these beautiful hand-made and hand-illustrated bicycle bells.  They make other bells too, so this is the large size bell designed to fit any handlebars size 22.2-25.4. It's so beautifully hand-painted and is available in a range of three styles. Loving the bright yellow one pictured.  The sound is clear and is 50% louder than the standard little brass bell and louder than the typical 'ding-ding' bike bell. The beautiful paint doesn't tarnish even with the most rigorous ringing!  Gorgeous gift that has a practical and timeless quality.  £19.     

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Copper, Cu

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The metal of love? Gold and silver tend be the two metals most frequently associated with jewellery, particularly in jewellery used as symbols of love.  So it comes as surprise to many that the humble copper shares a periodic table group with these two metallic heavyweights. Copper (symbol Cu) and its golden and silver sisters share Group 11 of the periodic table. The word copper itself is from the Latin word cuprum, meaning "from the island of Cyprus", already conjuring up romantic dreamy images, so why has copper not had the same share of the limelight until now? It's taken a long time to catch...

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