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Mean Mail Cards

Mean Mail make greeting cards that tell the truth.

They’re inspired by the way best friends speak to each other. Since launching with 16 designs in mid 2017, Mean Mail cards have been picked up by stockists nationally and internationally.

Each Mean Mail has a subjective meaning which makes them versatile for most occasions. It's up to the sender to decide how brutal they want to be. 

Mean Mail was created by Vicky Simmons. The idea for Mean Mail came from not being able to find a Valentine's card that was suitable for her relationship. One of the first cards Vicky wrote was "I'd like to keep this when we split up." They're still together. 

The cards are made in the UK using responsibly sourced materials. They're packaged in biodegradable cellos. 

Another thing that can effect the environmental impact of cards is their shelf life. The Mean Mail seasonal cards are designed  so that they don't go out of date plus the r Valentine's and Christmas collections are a curated selection of the main range meaning they can be sold all year round.