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Coffee and Cake

Image of the a coffee and seating at Life Story shop, Edinburgh

Life story shop now sells coffee and cake in the refurbished rear of the shop.  Come and sit in, on and amongst the beautiful Nordic pieces we have on display while enjoying coffee made from The Roasting Shed beans or a tea from eteaket.  Enjoy fabulous cakes from local bakers.


Hot Drinks


Cappuccino £2.60
Espresso £2.00
Flat white £2.60
Latte £2.60
Long black £2.50
Long black £2.50
Machiatto £2.20


Breakfast Tea £2.50
Earl Grey Tea £2.50
Fresh Ginger and Lemon Tea £2.50
Green Tea £2.50

Matcha latte

Matcha latte £2.95


Soy/Almond milk 30p


A daily selection of cakes including some of the following: Blueberry coconut cake, Bounty gluten free cake, Cake bites, Gluten Free Loaf Cake, Raw date, maple, choc torte cake, Raw snickers cake, Salted caramel brownie and Vegan Cakes.