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Amber and Wild Orchid luxury candle by Paia Copenhagen

Amber and Wild Orchid luxury candle by Paia Copenhagen


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Amber & Wild Orchid smells of a warm summer day, a fantastic, delicious and round fragrance made of pure essential oils. 

Beautiful scented candle made from organically grown soy wax from Danish brand Paia Copenhagen.

The candle contains the scent note Violet Leaves, which is a more fresh and masculine scent than the traditional violet flower, as well as the oriental note Amber. Amber is good for colds, as amber contains various amber acids that have vitamin-like properties, are said to slow down the signs of ageing and give an increased optimism and positive approach to life.

The glass is mouth blown and dyed so that it matches the green hue of the soy wax. It is a very useful plant pot or pen pot after you have enjoyed the candle. 

Did you know that turning on a regular candle is associated with a lot of harmful particles, which is both unhealthy for you and the environment. With a candle from Paia Copenhagen you can avoid harmful particles as the light is coming from soy wax, which both burns cleaner, is CO2 neutral and free of additives unlike many of the common alternatives. 

The beautiful Eucalyptus candle from Paia Copenhagen is designed to look perfect in your home, whether you are a minimalist or a bohemian chic - all while watching the environment.

The candle comes in a beautiful box.

Size: 300g 

Material: Organic grown soy wax, glass, card

Burn time: Up to 60 hours

Notes: Violet Leaves, Rose, Orchid, Lily of the Valley and Amber

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Candle care:

A candle is not just a candle. Please let us guide you to ensure that you will get the outmost fragrance throw from these delightful scented candles. The first time you light the candle, please burn the candle until the candle has a complete melt pool, from edge to edge, before extinguishing. A complete melt pool will keep your candle from tunnelling and release the best fragrance throw every time you light your Paia Copenhagen candle.

​We recommend that you trim the wick to 0.5 centimetres before the candle is lit. By keeping your wick trimmed, you will prolong the candle life and minimise soot. This soy candle is almost 100% soot free when burning correctly. 

Do not burn a candle for more than four hours at a time and never leave a burning candle alone. 



Brand : Paia Copenhagen

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