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Ceramic Table Lamp | Moebe



Ceramic Table Lamp is a lamp with a sculptural form, that can illuminate in all directions. Simply pivot the lampshade up, down or rotate around, concentrating the light to any one direction. Position on a shelf, window, side table or bench and use as a backlight or a direct one.

The lamp is constructed from three independent parts, a ceramic body, a ceramic shade, and a white glass bulb. The conical shape of the body allows for the bulb to be secured in place whilst giving the shade the freedom to be completely adjustable.

The ceramic parts of the Ceramic Table Lamp are handmade, unglazed and left raw, with colour pigment blended into the porcelain itself. 

The lamp is handmade and therefore, every lamp is unique.

Includes a lightbulb (E27). Ø 125, globe bulb in white opal glass. Warm white (2700K). 806 lumens. A+, 7.5 W.

Flat double insulated cable with a switch (2.5 m)

Made in Europe. Designed to last.

Simplicity at its very best. 

Materials: Raw, unglazed porcelain

Size: 33 x 37.1 cm (H x D), cable is 2.5 meters long