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Neighbour: 01 Candle by Held



Founded by two designers in the UK, Held’s candle creations are inspired by times enjoyed with the people they hold close. A perfect mindset to adopt! 

The Neighbour: 01 candle is made from 100% white beeswax and can be displayed in either orientation shown here.

Two candles can also be nested together to create a closeness whilst introducing a new sculptural form.

At 450g, each candle is pleasingly weighty, and comes beautifully gift-boxed making the unwrapping of it a pleasure itself.

Every candle is carefully hand poured using 100% natural white beeswax, giving a clean long lasting burn up to 28hrs. 

Note, these candles are not to be burnt whilst nested together as a duo. Please separate before burning.

Material: 100% white beeswax, recyclable cardboard package and recycled inner packing. Made and packaged by hand in England.

Burn time: Burn time up to 28hrs. This varies depending on orientation

Size: 15cm x 12cm x 5cm

Weight: 450g

Why beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural and biodegradable by-product from the beekeeping industry that burns exceptionally slowly with the cleanest burn of any wax. When lit, the flame emits a warm glow and subtle scent, creating a very special mood. Held want to use only the finest and safest materials into your home and believe this premium material is the best choice.

Beeswax composition naturally changes depending on the flowers pollinated and the time of year that it has been harvested. This unique resource may create slight variation in colour and burn between candles.

Held are very happy to be supporters of bees.