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BRAND : Viv Lee

Holos Vessel #5 | Medium Buff | Limited Edition | by Viv Lee

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This limited edition vessel as part of the Holos collection by Viv Lee (limited to just 150) is numbered and stamped with the artist's makers mark. 

Inspired by Zen Buddhism, these vessels came about from Viv Lee's exploration of making as a form of meditation. The surface of the vessels are left unglazed to evoke a raw tactile experience. 

Suitable for use as a bud vase or simply enjoyed as a sculptural object of contemplation. 


  • Height: 21.5cm approx
  • Material: Stoneware, glaze and wax
  • Made in Scotland 2019

Lifestyle images may feature alternative colourways and styles.

Please note: Photos are indicative. Each item is 100% handmade - items will differ slightly from the image shown which is to be taken as a guide only.

Photography: Gabriela Silveira


Artist bio:

I make vessels as a response to exploring the materiality of clay and the metaphor of body as vessel.

Working with stoneware and terracotta, I utilise slow hand-building techniques like pinching and coiling in the process of making. Drawn to the meditative properties of these techniques and influenced by Zen Buddhism, the analytical mind is put aside in the moment of making in favour of the intuitive body and the phenomenological experience of clay. 

The vessels are glazed in a palette of whites, natural earthy tones or left unglazed to show the body of the clay. Adopting a neutral palette allows the formal aspects of the pieces to stand out, emphasising the primary connection of both body and vessel to the primordial body, Mother Earth.

My fascination with making vessels as both a means of expression and as a spiritual practice is linked with my belief in the body and the earth as sacred. When I approach making as a means of connection to self and Nature, I appreciate the wonderful diversity of forms that emerge and go easy on the flaws and inaccuracies, accepting them as the beautiful idiosyncrasies that make each vessel unique.