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Emporium Julium

Large Vase | Wide | Light Sand | Ceramic | by Emporium Julium



A large, wide bottomed vase by Julija Pustovrh of Emporium Julium, it is designed for ornamental use or with dried flowers. 

All the items in this collection are lovingly made with a mix of recycled clays and small amounts of sand from remote coasts in Scottish Islands and Highlands.*

The vase is formed from stoneware and is hand thrown on the wheel with mixed clay. It is left unglazed to preserve the natural colour or marbled clay, and its texture.

Every piece is completely unique and a one-off due to the nature of the Julija’s making process, so be aware that the one you receive will be slightly different from the one you see on the photo (colour of clay, speckles and minimal size differences).


  • Size: height 11cm approx; diameter approx 18cm at widest point; opening approx 10 cm
  • Materials: Recycled clays and Scottish sand
  • Care: The vase is not glazed. Rinse by hand in warm water and allow to dry completely (e.g. on drying rack) before storing.
  • Handmade in Edinburgh by Julija of Emporium Julium.

*Sand locations include Harris, Lewis, Skye, Orkney Islands, Shetlands, Islay, Sutherland, Inverness, Malaig, West coast, East coast, Aberdeenshire, Fife, Lothian, Holy Island, Edinburgh, North Berwick, Musselburgh, St Andrew's, and others.