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Mini Paper Vase | Riviera Wave | Pink

£13.50 £9.00


The Riviera Paper Vases are all about expression, positive vibes and serve as the uplifting design statement your home needs. In uplifting orange, yellow and gold hues this is a real summer statement. 

Perfect for gifting as they come flat for assembly in person. Super easy to post as well as it's flat and not breakable like a traditional vase is. 

Assembly is simple and fun, the paper pops out into its shape and you place a cylindrical vessel (bottle, vase or even jam jar) in the centre to place water and flowers in! 

How to use:

  1. Carefully cut off the top of a plastic bottle. Alternatively use a medium-sized glass or ceramic vessel/vase. Top the container half-way up with water and place it on a flat surface. 
  2. Open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over the container. The vase is made of water resistant paper. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry. Arrange the flowers and brighten up your favourite spot.

Place the vase on the dining table, in a window or side table for a characterful design object that is unique in both its function and expression – and that gently pays homage to the 1960s, a favourite design decade of so many.

- Size Mini: 168 x 168 mm, with greeting card and envelope

- Material: Water resistant paper

- Print: Offset with gold foil stamping

- Embellishment: Laminated and sewn by hand

(smaller blue version shown for context)