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Anther + Moss

The Bentham Plant Pot in Brick | medium 12.5cm | Square Concrete Planter + Saucer


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These brick-coloured pots are inspired by the traditional terracotta ones you get at your local garden centre - but with a modern twist!

We love the way the Bentham’s cubed shape contrasts beautifully with its wild, organic contents.

Note: This pot is lined so its colour will stay consistent over time.

This is the medium one, at 12.5cm. 


About Anther + Moss

Anther + Moss was born out of a frustration that so many plant pots just don't have proper drainage, ie. no holes!

A+M believe that buying a nice plant pot and having to drill a hole in it - or worse, putting a plastic pot inside 😱 - is not good enough.

Lack of drainage can lead to a whole host of plant problems - it’s one of the biggest reasons people struggle to keep their house plants alive. (Pots without holes are very unforgiving if you’re a little heavy-handed with the watering can one day.)

It’s for this reason that every Anther + Moss plant pot has a drainage hole and comes with a matching saucer — so you can be assured your plant’s always in a good home.

Size: In the family group photo, it's the largest one. 12.5cm is a 12.5cm cube, the saucer 14cm square and 1.5cm highAll our sizes are approximate, (they’ll be within a few mm of the stated size), and refer to the external dimensions.

Care: Take care not to place on delicate or porous surface