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Anther + Moss

The Dalton Plant Pot | XS 8cm | Round Concrete Planter + Saucer


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Here’s the Dalton in all its concrete glory. This is the smallest round one, at 8cm. 

These unlined concrete pots have no waterproof sealant. They are naturally porous, so absorb water out of the soil and then let it evaporate - great for plants that like to dry out between waterings.

For this reason they give even better moisture control, perfect for plants that hate waterlogged soil (and/or enthusiastic water-ers).

A note on our unlined concrete pots: we advise that you don’t place these guys on surfaces that can get damaged by moisture. The saucers do have have little feet so there shouldn't be any contact, but it can get very humid under there!**

About Anther + Moss

Anther + Moss was born out of a frustration that so many plant pots just don't have proper drainage, ie. no holes!

A+M believe that buying a nice plant pot and having to drill a hole in it - or worse, putting a plastic pot inside 😱 - is not good enough.

Lack of drainage can lead to a whole host of plant problems - it’s one of the biggest reasons people struggle to keep their house plants alive. (Pots without holes are very unforgiving if you’re a little heavy-handed with the watering can one day.)

It’s for this reason that every Anther + Moss plant pot has a drainage hole and comes with a matching saucer — so you can be assured your plant’s always in a good home.

Size: 8cm x 8cm external dimensions (in the family group photo, it's the smallest one to the fore). 8cm is a cylinder 8cm high and 8cm in diameter, the saucer is 9cm in diameter and 1.25cm high. All our sizes are approximate, (they’ll be within a few mm of the stated size), and refer to the external dimensions.

Care: Take care not to place on delicate or porous surface (read**)

**Due to the porous nature of our unlined concrete pots, a patina will develop on the outside over time. This gives the pot an aged and natural look that’s always unique. Some people love this look, others not so much, but it ultimately provides the plant with a healthier habitat. (If you rather have a planter that does not do this, look at the lined pots in the collection.)

The patina will develop faster when you water a plant a lot. For example, if you put a moisture-loving calathea into one of our unlined concrete pots, you’ll see it change quicker vs a cactus or snake plant.