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Wall Mirror 70cm | Round | Brass Hook



Wall Mirror is designed to sit on your wall with as as little nonsense as possible. A wonderful minimal large round mirror. 

Wall Mirror is formed from a single piece of mirror glass held by a lightweight metal wireform. The mirror is hung from a simple L hook mounted to the wall. The mirror is kept mimimal, leaving the core function - the glass - to speak for itself. The construction of the wire only lightly touching the glass is what makes the design simple and elegant.

Simplicity at its very best. 

Materials: Solid brass / Powder coated steel, Mirror glass

Size: Diameter is Ø70: 94 x 70 cm (H x W) (H including hook)

Also available in 2 smaller sizes, please see here on the website or enquire for details

*Note large mirrors are subject to a delivery fee of £30 which will be invoiced separately