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Additional Hubsch products available only at the physical store

Vase with leather ribbon, small, concrete by Hubsch
Vase with leather ribbon, large, concrete by Hubsch
Vase with leather ribbon, glass, small by Hubsch
Marmalade/jam glass, clear, lid by Hubsch
Leaf decoration, gold tipped, porcelain by Hubsch
Heart, brass, small by Hubsch
Feather (leaf) w/ string - white - porcelain by Hubsch
Christmas tree, ceramic, white by Hubsch
Chopping board w/ pattern, white, porcelain by Hubsch

Background to Hubsch

Hubsch has a very unique style, designing all of its products in Denmark. With two seasons, Tendencies and Occasions, Hubsch provides clean, classic and practical design pieces.  Life Story stocks a number of interior design items from Hubsch for the kitchen and office as well as lifestyle items. Hubsch combine a number of materials including, stone, ceramics, porcelain and base metals such as copper and brass.