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As you can imagine, with every delivery of products from our lovely suppliers comes an array of boxes - from teeny to gigantic. These are kept, in a Tetris set up, for reuse both as storage and packaging. We endeavour to send out as many of our online orders in reused boxes as possible, utilising smaller pieces to protect breakables and larger to send. 

In-store, glass and ceramic items are often wrapped in repurposed packaging to ensure you get them home safely.


At Lifestory we keep printing to a minimum, choosing to do as much as possible online. Any paper waste is always recycled, but we find we only have a bag or so per month and hope to reduce it even further.

We use plastic-free, non toxic tissue paper in-store to protect your purchases. This can be recycled and reused.


Thankfully, the majority of our suppliers have cut out the use of plastics, opting instead of corrugated cardboard or vegetable packing pellets. But of course, we still have the odd bit which is recycled monthly. 


We recently had a wonderful Lifestory logo eco-paper tape created for your online orders - fully recyclable and printed with non toxic ink. We also use classic brown eco-paper and washi tapes, all of which are recyclable.

On occasion we will use plastic 'fragile' packing tape to ensure the security of items - particularly heavy products or international deliveries - but we are on the lookout for a strong eco alternative.