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Functional and Sleek Wooden Tray | Organise | Small | by Moebe



Life is complex and full of things. Pencils, staplers, bills, keys, glasses, magazines, chargers, papers all these things that need their own place... Organise does what it says: It gives them that place - it organises.

Each Organise is made of solid untreated oak and is held together by a single rubber band. Available in large A4 and small A5 (this is the A5 and is designed to hold paper of A5 size). Each size is stackable and compatible with the other. Works alone or combined together.

Organise is made of four sides, a bottom and a rubber band. Like all other MOEBE designs, Organise is component based. This is part of their sustainable design approach. These products are made to last, but should a part get damaged, it is easy to repair by only replacing that one part - not the entire product. Organise can easily be disassembled, separated in parts and recycled.

Simplicity at its very best. 

Materials: Powder coated steel

Size: Small (A5): L 25 x W 17 x H 4.5 cm

Also available in larger size.