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Crease Release Garment Spray 100ml by Attirecare


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Escape the drudgery of ironing with Attirecare's Crease Release spray. Made from all-natural ingredients, this clever spray-on solution leaves clothing crease free, with the lightest smell of our classic fresh cotton fragrance. Perfect.

Attirecare's Crease Release is an innovative, invisible spray-on solution designed to leave your clothing crease free without the need for pressing or ironing garments. Made with all natural ingredients and fabric relaxant technology, this product really has it all especially when it comes to saving time not to mention money! 

Consistent ironing of clothing can cause cotton fibres to become weak and start to break over time. By using Attirecare's Crease Release spray you can strengthen the cotton fibres of your clothing by ironing them less. 


  • Saves time ironing and pressing

  • Innovative formula 

  • Ideal for people on the move 

  • Unique Mist Spray Technology

  • Made in the UK


  • Shake well before use 

  • Spray directly onto the garment and do not over wet.

  • Gently stretch the fabric to allow the product to work into the creases.

  • Alternatively, brush gently with clean hands onto a flat surface. 

  • Leave to dry completely before wearing. 

The product is made and produced in the United Kingdom, this ensures every bottle, is made and tested to the highest possible quality.

The range is handmade using eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients.

It is created with people in mind; to be an extension of a persons lifestyle and make somewhat mundane tasks that bit more enjoyable.

Size: 100ml